we offer to our clients and partners

We create Christmas fairy tales

on your homes and buildings, on your property, in your parks and gardens… Wherever you desire…

Božićna bajka

What can we do for you?

Creation of unique advent events

When you're out of ideas how to beautify your advent or want something completely different, personal and special, turn to us. We never run out of ideas.

Adventni događaji

Decorating parks, squares and yards with Christmas lights and decorations

Installation and uninstallation of Christmas lights and assorted decorations indoors or outdoors with our know-how. Creation of unique ambiances, arrangements of Christmas decorations on trees, bushes, in parks on private or public property. Decorations can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Ukrašavanje parkova

Creative ideas and solutions

Realising of ideas for Christmas decorations on existing or new tourist destinations, with emphasis on complementing the existing tourist offerings, extending the tourist season, increasing consumption and employment etc. If you have the need to extend your tourist season or increase your offerings, give as a call and we would love to help find the best course for you, with you.

Kreativna idejna rješenja

Creating business plans and proposals

Creating new and unique solutions for different demands and happenings, with the realisation of the proposal in accordance of your capacity. They can be for children, adults and families. They can also be themed events, formal or business events, etc.

Izrada poslovnih planova i prijedloga

Organising and realising projects

We can organise and realise projects from start to finish. We have plenty of experience.

Organizacija i realizacija projekata

Procuring of reproductive material

We will be happy to procure reproductive material for the given project, in accordance to professional standards.

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