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Sometimes the views we see bestow us with a moment of such unbelievable beauty, that we are awe struck. The shine of such a moment transports us to some other place where it seems that a door is opening to some other, fairer and more comfortable reality. Such are our Christmas fairy tales that we create!



She gained experience in organisation of arrangements and events in the six years she worked on the property of the Salaj family, by organising arrangements and events such as Christmas story and Easter story of the Salaj family, Christmas fairy tale in Mozirski gaj in Slovenia and advent events in Zagreb, Daruvar and Lipik.



Project manager for Sweden and realizer of the CHRISTMAS TOWN project. Charlie became part of the team in 2016 and with his years of experience in management works on starting and realising projects across Sweden. Foremost he is the realizer of a special project for Christmas fairy tale of Slovenia, named CHRISTMAS TOWN.

Maja Horvat


She started writing prose and poetry when she was only a child, and that first led to work in journalism – she has been working in media more than fifteen years and later she has been educated in marketing on social media, so she has been writing blogs, moderating, editing and administering FB pages as well as some web pages for different companies, as well as ours. Maja also has a lot of experience with the organisation of events and in PR.

Denis Stražar


He has been interested in technology and computers from his younger years, so the choice of the computer technician and later the faculty of information sciences a logical choice. A self-taught web programmer with more than 8 years of experience in the field of IT as a system engineer, he works as the administrator of our web page and other tech systems.